Would you like to pursue a study programme in the Netherlands or an internship or master’s programme abroad, but are you short of financial resources? We provide scholarships in the form of a gift, an interest-free loan or a combination of these. Take a look below at the opportunities we offer and choose the situation that applies to you. If you click on the scholarship, you will see all the criteria. Would you like to take a good look at them to assess whether you are eligible?

Study in the Netherlands

Master’s Degree abroad


Stichting De Korinthiƫrs and Voet Stipendium

We also handle the scholarship applications for Stichting De Korinthiƫrs. The criteria for these scholarships are the same, but with the additional requirement that you have Dutch nationality and follow a university academic (not arts) programme. You can mark on the registration form whether you want to use this option. We also manage scholarships from the Voet Stipendium. You cannot apply for these yourself. The Board decides on any award.