Criteria for the Internship Abroad programme

Are you eligible for a scholarship?

Are you pursuing a university academic programme or an HBO arts programme in the Netherlands, and would you like to do an internship or conduct scientific research abroad? If you no longer have the resources for this yourself, you are eligible for a scholarship. Take a careful look at all the criteria to assess whether you are eligible.

If you meet ALL the criteria, you can apply for a scholarship of up to €2,500. You do this by filling in the application form, completing it with the corresponding documents and emailing it to us.

At a board meeting, we discuss your application and decide whether you are eligible for a scholarship. A scholarship may be a gift, an interest-free loan or a combination of these.

For whom?

  • You are pursuing a full-time academic programme at a Dutch university or an HBO arts programme or an HBO programme in Haarlem;
  • You have Dutch nationality.


  • Your internship/research is a compulsory part of your master's programme and provides important added value;
  • Your internship/research will last at least five months and must yield a relevant number of study credits;
  • Your parents' financial contribution must be proportionate to their income;
  • You have a demonstrable deficit in your budget, despite taking advantage of all funding options, including maximum loan and tuition credit via the DUO;
  • Your application must be submitted at least 3 months before your departure abroad;
  • You do not have the financial resources to finance this yourself.

What the foundation does not support

  • Doctoral candidacy
  • Exchanges;
  • Excursions, conference visits, summer courses etc.;
  • Study supplies such as PCs and musical instruments.

Have you checked everything?

Yes, I meet the criteria!