About us


Our foundation is a private scholarship fund that has been in existence for more than 125 years. The Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting was founded on October 17, 1883 in Haarlem entirely in accordance with the philosophy of the socially active founders. The purpose of the foundation is, as stated in the articles of incorporation: To support ‘Commendable young people of both genders, who would not be able to start or continue their studies in the field of science and art due to less favourable circumstances’.

Mrs. Helena Gerardina Gerdessen – van Outeren, the widow of the Haarlem GP Mr. Hendrik Frederik Schuurman Schimmel, made their assets available to help financially disadvantaged and talented young people to complete their studies. By providing scholarships from this asset fund, the socially active couple wanted to improve the opportunities in the lives of these young people.

Mr. Hendrik Frederik Schuurman Schimmel

Mrs. Helena Gerardina Gerdessen – van Outeren

The foundation today

The foundation is now one of the larger scholarship funds in the Netherlands. What began modestly at that time with supporting a few students has now grown into awarding more than a few hundred scholarships per year.

The Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting also handles scholarship applications for Stichting De Korinthiërs. At the request of De Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, the foundation also handles applications for the Voet Stipendium, funded from the estate of Mr W. J. E. Voet. From the applications from excellent university students wishing to do an internship or follow a programme abroad, the foundation selects students who are eligible for a scholarship from the Voet Stipendium.

Our Board

The Board of the foundation is composed of professors from various Dutch universities. The Board meets eight times a year to discuss the applications (not in July and August). The members of the Board receive no compensation.

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Our office

Mrs. Drs. B. E. M. Elders, Secretary
Mrs. K. Boeser, Office assistant

Currently, the Board consists of: