Would you like to apply for a scholarship?

Are you ambitious, and would you like to continue your studies?
When you lack sufficient financial resources beyond your fault, you can apply for a scholarship at our foundation!

The Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting provides scholarships to talented and ambitious but also financially disadvantaged young people. We do this from the fund the founders established in 1883 as well as from Stichting De Korinthiërs and the Voet Stipendium, two scholarship funds we also manage.

With a grant and/or interest-free loan as a scholarship, students are given the opportunity to begin or continue their studies in the Netherlands or abroad, even if they do not have the resources themselves to do so. Would you like to know if you are also eligible for a scholarship? Read below how you can apply.

Study in the Netherlands

Master’s Degree Abroad

Internship abroad


How do you apply for a scholarship?

First, see which situation applies to you. Then select the scholarship of your choice and assess whether you meet all the criteria. If so, you can apply for a scholarship.

You do this by filling in the application form, completing it with the corresponding documents and emailing it to us. Everything carefully checked and complete? Then you can submit the application.

At our board meetings, we discuss the applications and decide whether a student is eligible for a scholarship. This may be a gift, an interest-free loan or a combination of these.

The founders

The Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting was founded on October 17, 1883 in Haarlem by Mrs. Helena Gerardina Gerdessen – van Outeren. She was the widow of Mr. Hendrik Frederik Schuurman Schimmel, who died in 1881.

The goal of the founders

Is to support ‘Commendable young people of both genders, who would not be able to start or continue their studies in the field of science and art due to less favourable circumstances’

Mr. Hendrik Frederik Schuurman Schimmel

Mrs. Helena Gerardina Gerdesse – van Outeren