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The Foundation's aim is to provide financial support to individual foreign students who are studying full-time at either:
  • A Dutch university
  • A recognised HBO kunstenopleiding or
  • An HBO institute in the city of Haarlem.
The student:
  • Will usually be in the 18 to 30 age group
  • Has made a successful start with his/her education and expects to complete his/her studies in the near future
  • Is in financial difficulty due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Could be an asylum seeker being supported by UAF.

What the Foundation will not support:
  • The first year of a student's studies
  • Theological studies
  • Ph.Ds
  • The purchase of computers, musical instruments etc.


Maximum amount per year € 4000.

It is possible that grants can be obtained for periods of longer than one year to help students complete their studies.

Scholarships provided by the Foundation bear the character of a gift.